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Thru-Door Voltage Verification – Enhance Compliance to NFPA 70E   


Voltage Indicator: SafeSide™ thru-door voltage indicators provide electrical safety information while the panel doors are safely closed.  This “one-size-fits-all” solution detects 3-phase AC or DC voltage from 40-750VAC/30-1000VDC.

Part Number:  R-3W, R-3W-SR, R-3W-KB, R-3W-SR-KB
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Multi-Enviornment Voltage Indicator:  The R-3W2 thru-door voltage indicator provides electrical safety information while the panel doors are safely closed.  A “one-size-fits-all” voltage indicator (40-750VAC/30-1000VDC), in any location on your power system (CAT IV*), and can be installed into most industrial environments.

Part Number:  R-3W2
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SafeSide™ Voltage Indicator Accessories:  Including lables and door mount kits.

Part Numbers: R-3W-L, R-3W-DIN, R-3W-NPT125, R-3W-DR-C6, R-3W-NPT150-NP

Additional Labels (not pictured on datasheet):  R-3W-SR-L, R-3W-KB-L


SafeSide™ Single Phase Voltage Portal:  The voltage portal interface, installed on an electrical panel, allows maintenance people to use any non-contact voltage detector pen to check line voltage before and after they open the main disconnect.

Part Numbers:  R-1A003-LPH, R-1A-LPA



Functioning Voltage Label – The Combo Unit – ChekVolt® and VoltageVision® The ability to identify, verify and locate every voltage source from the outside of electrical panels greatly reduces electrical risks.

Part Numbers:  R-1A0033W-NPLPH, R-1A0033W-NPLPH-J R-1A0033W-NPLPF, R-1A0033W-NPLPF-J


Medium Voltage Indicator:  Medium voltage indicators (2K-46KVolts) offer positive benefits because this device keeps workers away from voltage and provides an answer to the ‘Is there voltage?’ question.

Part Numbers: R-1VH003, R-1VL003

GracePort® Connector Codes
Please Note:  Because we offer a fully customizable line of PLC ports, our GracePort Part numbering system can be somewhat complex.  We will gladly build your part number for you, often in a matter of seconds, if you call 800.280.9517.  We are here to help.   

A-B Data Highway+ and Remote I/O: The Data Highway+ GracePort® can be used as a convenience interface or as Station Connector for terminating your Data Highway Plus in a Nema 1, 12/4 or 4X environment.

Component Codes: B6, B9***

***Replaces component code B2 and B3.


Ethernet: CAT 5 (shielded and unsheilded) and CAT 6 Ethernet connections available.

Component Codes:  R2, R13*, R26, R33*, R62

*Standard 10′ Extension Cables inlcuded; other lengths available



A-B SLC 500 DH-485:  The SLC 500 DH-485 GracePort   extends the DH-485 network jack of an Allen-Bradley SLC 500 processor to a convenient, remote location.

Component Codes:  B1**, B14*

*Standard 10′ Extension Cable inlcuded

**Standard 20′ Extension Cable inlcuded


Interface Products Computer Port:  The interface method permits standard cable connections on both the  front and the rear of the GracePort® unit.  Low-profile circuit board interfaces simplify installation where backplane clearance is limited.

Component Codes:  P1*, P2*, P3*, P5*, P6*, P7*, P11*, P14*, P28*, P29*, R2, R62

*Standard 10′ Extension Cables inlcuded; other lengths available


A-B Smart Cable1784-U2DHP Adapter/ABDH Adapter:  Two solutions that allow for the programming of legacy PLC’s with a DB9 interface to the Data Highway+.  These unique adapters compliment the Rockwell Automation’s USB to Data Highway+ "Smart" Cable (1784-U2DHP).

Component Code: B9
Part Numbers:  P-B9-S1RX-AB, C-ABDH-Adapter


Modbus Plus "Industrial" Tap Modbus Serial:  This interface provides network access as a network trunk tap and programming node.  The printed circuit assembly features a shielded RJ-45 connection for program downloading and monitoring…read more.

Component Codes: M4, M8*

*Standard 10′ Extension Cables inlcuded; other lengths available 



Automation Direct:  Interfaces for Automation Direct PLCs

Connector Codes: M20, M21**, M22, M23*, M24*, R2

*Standard 10′ Extension Cable inlcuded; other lenghts available

**Standard 14′ Extension Cable inlcuded; other lengths available


ProfiBus Network Tap:  The GracePort®  ProfiBus D3-Series interface board incorporates network balance inductors which are required for transfer rates up to 12MB. 

Component Code:  D2



ControlNet NAP (Network Access Port):

Component Codes: B4**, B7, B10*, B15

*Standard 10′ Extension Cable inlcuded; other lengths available

**Standard 20′ Extension Cable inlcuded; other lengths available


USB All USBs offered by Grace Engineered Products are pass-through, 2.0 connectors that do not alter the electrical signal in anyway.  We offer both Type A and Type B connectors, with or without cables.

Component Codes:  P11, P15,  P19, P22, P27, P28*, P29*, P50, Q50, Q51

*Standard 10′ Extension Cable inlcuded; other lengths available


DeviceNet Connector Code:

Component Code:  D4


USB-Hub:  The industrial GracePort® USB four-port hub provides for reliable communication with USB peripherals both inside or outside a control panel. High retention USB connectors ensure that even the physical connection remains intact in a variety of industrial environments.

Component Codes:  P43, P44



E5 – The Active GracePort®: The GracePort® Unmanaged Ethernet Switch gives you more reasons to keep your control panel door closed and limit exposure to voltage.

Component Code:  E5


2:1 / 4:1 Data Switches:GracePort®  Data Switch Interfaces allow convenient programming of multiple devices from a single location outside the enclosure.  

Component Codes:  R38, R39



Data Switch Crossover (DSX) Generic Designed to offer a convenient "through-the-door" programming interface for “Serial-to-Serial” device systems such as a PLC/Operator Interface, these systems use a single serial port for programming and runtime communication.

Component Code:  R49


GracePort® Data Switch Crossover (DSX) A-B:  The GracePort®  DSX R53, R54, & R55 Series Crossover Switches are a family of programming interfaces for PanelView/AB Serial PLC’s(1.) Systems.

Component Codes:  R53, R54, R55

Power Options and Adding Logos to GracePorts

Inside-Outlet® GFCI:  Inside-Outlet® is unique because it has three GFCI-protected receptacles – two outside and one inside the panel.

Power Option Code:  RF


High Interrputing Capacity GFCI:  Introducing the only GFCI receptacle that tests itself!  Every 60 seconds the device performs a diagnostic test on its circuitry offering a comprehensive approach to testing.

Exception Code: -K10


Power Options:  Grace Engineered Products offers many international outlets including outlets for Austrailia, Argentina, Belgium, France, India, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Contential European and Universal International Plug.  More countries available.  Call 800.280.9517 for a complete list of international outlets available.

Power Option Code:  RA, RAG, RB, RE, REF, RH, RIT, RSW, RU, RUV, RW, RZ


Add Your Logo to Any GracePort®:  Name brand your company by adding your logo to your GracePort.  Increase brand affilation and truly make your GracePort yours. 

Exception Code:  -UXXX at the end of the part number for new logos.  For existing logos add -U followed by your 3-digit logo code.  To verify your logo code call 800.280.9517.

 Housings with Cutout Dimensions

Panel Mount – UL Type 12:  Thru-View housing, pad-lockable, UL rated for Type 12 enviornments.

Housing Code:  K4, M4


Panel Mount – UL Type 3R (In-Use Cover):  
Designed for wet or damp locations, Extra-Duty M8 Thru-View® housings allow customers to plug items into their customized GracePort® and close the cover to provide in-use protection against rain and moisture.

Housing Code:  M8



*Most popular housing Type.*

Panel Mount – UL Type 4 (Nema 12/4):  Thru-View housings, pad-lockable, UL Rated for Type 4 environments.  

Housing Code:  B3, F3, H3, K3, M3


Panel Mount – UL Type 4X:  Thru-View housing, pad-lockable, UL rated for Type 4X enviornments.

Housing Code:  B2, F2, H2, K2, M2


Surface Mount:  For flat surfaces.  Use conduit to wire the unit.

Housing Codes:  A3, G3, L3 


Thru-Door "Clean Panel" Interface Nema 1:  To use when housing cover is not needed Add gasketing for extra protection.

Housing Codes:  B1, F1, H1, K1, M1, S1*

*Custom size

Exception Code: -G for gasket



Stainless Steel #304 and #316: Available in both #304 and #316 Stainless Steel.

Housing Code:  M5, M6


Hazardous Location:  The Hazardous Location GracePort  is intended for environments where the user must do a "sniff test" and typically obtain a "Hot Work Permit" before opening the enclosure. 

Housing Code:  M7

Resources and Applications   

GracePort® Interface Products Part Number Guide:  A PDF version of MOST of our connector codes available.  Please note, if you do not find the component you need, please call 800.280.9517.


Thru-Door Voltage Detection Makes Sense:  An explanation of how our combination VoltageVision® and ChekVolt® products meet the requirements of NFPA 70E 120.1/CSA Z-462-08 4.2.1 for creating an electrically safe work condition. 

  Voltage Indicator: How Does It Work?:  Commonly asked questions on the application of the VoltageVision® family of voltage indicators.  Topics include: grounding, applications within different power systems (high resistance and isolated ground systems), fusing short circuit rating, and voltage imbalance, Analysis of the sample LOTO in 70E Annex G, Comparison between a voltage indicator and a voltmeter.      

Voltage Portals Improve Non-Contact Voltage Detectors (NCVD) Application Note:  What is a Voltage Portal? How does a NCVD work? Can a NCVD be validated? Why does a voltage portal make the NCVD pen more reliable? Thru-door voltage detection is also a means of labeling voltage sources with labels that do something.


Paper on Fusing the VoltageVision®:  The purpose of the NEC, as well as the UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Standard, is best summed up in Article 90 of the 2008 NEC:  Read More…

Applies to Part Numbers:  R-3W, R-3W-SR, R-3W2


For information on how to build a GracePort Part number, please click here

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